Why We Do the Centresource Mixer

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For the last six years,  we have opened our doors at Centresource to the Nashville community for our mixers. We welcome our friends in the technology, marketing, startup, non-profit and business communities to join us to connect with old friends and meet new ones. We invite our past and current clients to join us and get to know us outside of the working day. We extend an invitation to our Germantown community, which gives us a great chance to meet our neighbors. We drink a lot of beer, we eat some good food and we normally leave a big mess to welcome us Friday morning.

Our team is proud of our mixers. We love showing off our house and giving people a behind-the-scenes peek into how we work. But for us, it’s less about showcasing all things Centresource — It’s about providing the opportunity for our community to meet like-minded professionals, reconnect with past colleagues and have some fun while doing it. It’s about giving the technology and marketing communities the chance to talk shop, share a beer and a laugh and meet new people. It’s about celebrating the good work going on in this town and fostering a culture of community.

We realize there are a whole slew of networking events going on in Nashville on any given night, so we are always excited to see such a large group at our mixers. We’d like to thank the loyal folks who have been joining us year after year. We never tire of seeing you. We’d also like to thank the newer faces we have seen this year. Hope to see you again soon.

Our final mixer of 2014 is Thursday, November 13th. We are partnering with the Corner to Corner McFerrin Park Reading Program to help benefit their after-school reading program. We are asking people to bring a book or two for the center or donate a few dollars to the cause. As usual, we’ll be providing good beer and good eats. All we ask of you is to bring the good times and to meet a few new folks next Thursday.

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