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At any office in our country today you are going to hear people talking about work/life balance. Actually, at any kitchen table (or fast food restaurant, if you don’t have the time to cook) you’ll hear the same conversation. How do we achieve a work/life balance that can be lived out in an authentic and meaningful way, given these two competing priorities in our lives? We need to pay our bills, but we also need to have lives. If we don’t work, we don’t eat; if we only work, we don’t live.

Central to Centresource’s answer to this question is ROWE – the much-revered Results-Only Work Environment. At Centresource, ROWE means that you have clear, winnable objectives by which you are measured. You also have the freedom to work on those ‘results’ remotely, and, by and large, in the hours that you are most productive. This means there is tons of flexibility for the balancing act of modern life. If you need to get new tires, take your kid to daycare, or go spend time with your in-laws so your wife lets you get that motorcycle, totally cool. This kind of fluid approach accounts for the reality of our lives while not shorting either responsibility.

The darkside of ROWE is if you tend towards finding your identity in your work (i.e. you are a workaholic), you can just keep going. There is always another challenge, another problem to solve, and if that is what you focus on, there is always more to add to your plate. But the balanced individual learns to know the rhythms of their life and draw boundaries. If you know you are most productive between 7-11am, make sure you’ve got the space to be heads down at that time each morning. If you need to check out each day between 4-6 to take care of your personal life, make sure you maintain that border. Be an adult. We need work. We need rest. Do both better!

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