Should My Company Be on Instagram? What About Twitter? Snapchat?

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Oh social media- the loved one we love to hate. The ultimate time suck, the friend that’s always there for you. We all have our own personal relationship with social media, whether you are one of the people digging in your heels and refusing to participate, or someone who’s always the early adopter of the next biggest thing. However, in the business world, the integration of social media into your overall marketing strategy is different. It needs to be deliberate and strategic.

We talk to companies all the time that “check the box” on social media. Post to Facebook once a week? Check! Have a twitter account? On it! Post their company culture video to YouTube? Done! However, this just isn’t enough. My challenge to them is always to ask, is (fill in the blank) social media outlet where your customers and prospects are? Is it true to your business’s DNA? Will you take the time to utilize the data and metrics it provides you to iterate and improve? If the answer is no- then don’t chase the next shiny thing.

Social media is a bit tougher in the B2B space. Firing off how you are feeling in that exact moment or what you are eating, just isn’t going to cut it. The content needs to be compelling, relevant and timely. The tactics involved also have to make sense in comparison to how your team works. If producing 3-4 blog posts a month from your team creates more stress and tension internally, then maybe it is ok for you to put that down. If the only time you are posting on Facebook coordinates with a national holiday, I give you permission to stop.

When it all boils down to it, your customers and prospects are going to become less engaged due to your lackluster efforts to engage them. So as you are navigating the increasingly crowded world of social media, take a critical and honest look at what makes sense for your company and your brand. It’s not a land grab of social media attention. It’s about finding the right people in the right place with the right message.

What social media outlets is your company utilizing? Which ones have you decided to avoid?

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