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Our breadth of skills and experience allow us to power a client’s suite of software at any phase of the business lifecycle - from prototyping new ideas and developing custom applications, to launching the marketing campaigns that help them flourish. We take pride in our work, and our best days are when we help our clients reach their goals.

Because our clients’ success is the most important thing to us, we have respected our higher-profile clients who have requested that we omit their names in our promotions. We have protected their trade secrets in the way we talk about our work with them, and we will do the same for you. View our case studies to learn more about our past work and client successes.

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Rivers of Rhythm

National Museum of African American Music

The National Museum of African American Music, breaking ground in Nashville in 2018, will honor the work and legacy of African American musicians and their profound impact on American music. With the museum’s completion several years away, NMAAM approached us with a desire to create something that would generate buzz and interest for the museum in the interim, as well as help attract sponsors.

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Asbury Theological Seminary

Seedbed’s mission is focused on building communities to gather and connect with God. We were tasked with helping Seedbed understand how to innovate their ecosystem to facilitate the growth of their communities. We solved this through a dedicated product team that worked in lockstep to identify, plan, and solve for Seedbed’s long-term business goals.

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Correctional Risk Services

Correctional Risk Services enables jails to maximize their annual medical expense budgets. CRS came to us with a desire to create an application that would replace the inefficient and inconsistent paper-based medical dispensary tracking system employed in many city and county jails.

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Essential Music

Sony Music Entertainment

Essential Music Publishing is a full-service music publishing company that provides publishing rights management, song licensing, and royalty collection for songwriters and catalog administrators. When we met Essential Music Publishing, one of the most complicated and time consuming parts of their business process was fielding song licensing requests. Our goal was to automate this cumbersome process.

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My Whip Card


My Whip Card is an interactive web application that allows lobbyists to follow different bills currently in legislation, tally predicted votes, track key conversions, assign team members to specific legislators, and share notes. The application automates several critical processes for lobbyists, allowing them to abandon outdated paper vote cards and increase efficiency and accuracy.

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Acme Healthcare

Corporate Onsite Health Services Portal

Acme Healthcare provides facility planning and digital applications for corporate onsite health services. These onsite services provide employees convenient healthcare solutions, wellness management, and education services. Centresource was tasked with providing UI/UX design on a new suite of white-label applications to support smarter intake of patients.

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